Sound Designer

Game Audio

My background is in game development, first it was my hobby and later it became my education. During my study I discovered the impact of audio in games. How it sets the tone, the information it can bring to the player and how it makes action even more impressive. Fascinated and curious, I then decided to specialize in sound design.

While my current audio work is broader than only games, it is still where my roots are and something I am very enthusiastic about. I like to think about ways in which audio can work together with the player interaction and what it can tell about the story of a game.

I feel at home in game engines such as Unity and Unreal and am able to implement audio for you or deliver audio assets made with implementation in mind.

Are you looking for a sound designer for your game or interactive project? Feel free to send me a message or give me a call, and we can talk about the possibilities together.


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